Collection: Henri Rousseau

Henri Rousseau, often referred to as "Le Douanier" (the customs officer), was a self-taught French painter known for his distinctive and imaginative style. Born in 1844, Rousseau started painting seriously in his late 40s while working as a customs officer in Paris. He had no formal art education and was largely an outsider in the art world of his time.

Rousseau's paintings often depicted lush jungle scenes, exotic landscapes, and vividly imagined settings, despite never having visited such places. His style was characterized by its naivety and simplicity, with bold colors and flattened perspectives. He used a technique that appeared childlike at first glance but possessed a unique charm and authenticity.

Despite initial ridicule and criticism from the art establishment, Rousseau's unconventional style gradually gained recognition. He was championed by avant-garde artists like Pablo Picasso and the Surrealists, who admired his unorthodox approach and his ability to evoke a sense of wonder and imagination in his paintings.

Rousseau's legacy endures as an example of an artist who defied convention and followed his own creative vision. His imaginative works continue to captivate audiences, inspiring appreciation for the power of art to transport us to other worlds.